As a leader in the ATM maintenance industry, Financial Services Support Group, Inc. has added a new service to their existing and extensive services menu. This new division will provide you with quality service in the area of maintaining your ATM enclosures and surrounds.

Now, the same type of "attention to quality" is available through our comprehensive Cleaning Program.

The program includes comprehensive exterior and interior support services; the kind of services that keep your unit weather-tight and shining bright. When your ATM enclosure is well maintained your professional image in the community is enhanced.

We know the materials. We know the construction. We know the maintenance-prone areas inside and out.

  • Wash and Wax Surfaces
  • Polish/Remove Scuffs
  • Replace Light Bulbs & Clean Light Lenses
  • Re-caulking Sign Panels
  • Lubricate Locks and Hinges
  • Remove Site Trash
  • Paint Bollards
  • Replace Bumper Guards and Weather Stripping
  • Vacuum All Surfaces

  • Clean Interior Walls

  • Clean and Repaint Floor Plates

  • Check Infrared Sensors

  • Check and Adjust Switches

  • Replace Air Conditioner Filters

  • Balance Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Clean Air Conditioner

  • Comb Air Conditioner Intake Grill

Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Programs.

Depending on geographic locations, weather trends and traffic patterns, ATM maintenance requirements may vary. We offer what will work for your specific needs.

PHONE: 1-863-465-7991
FAX: 1-863-465-2938